Automatic Fire Suppression System for Compact Enclosed Rooms

Automatic fire detection and suppression system is a critical factor of a building’s fire safety plan. These systems are designed to provide round-the-clock protection from fire risks. These systems can save lives and property. But it isn’t always immediately clear what type of system would be the best solution for your premises.

Fire sprinkler systems are an almost perfect means of defense against fire. However, the water released by the sprinklers can cause substantial damage – almost as much as a fire itself. For certain applications, such as electrical rooms and rooms with sensitive or fragile equipment, the risk of water damage is too great.

Flooding systems are specifically designed for electrical, computer rooms, data centers as well as transformer vaults, etc. These systems operate on high pressure and there is a substantial increase in resultant pressure after discharge inside the protected space. The system requires piping design and installation which may require altercations to the existing facility arrangements. Cylinder bank installation for the flooding system solutions requires dedicated space.

After understanding the limitations and drawbacks of fire sprinklers and flooding systems for compact utility areas an effective and economical solution is necessary. The system shall provide adequate protection against fire hazards with early detection and suppression without causing any collateral damage.


Minimax FIRESPOT® Room Protection System is a suppression solution specially designed for small unmanned and enclosed rooms that serve as an alternative to potentially damaging fire sprinkler systems and expensive flooding applications.

The System is a suppression solution designed for unmanned rooms where manual intervention at the early stages of fire is not possible. The system comprises a ceiling-mounted cylinder filled with Clean Agent and integrated with an electrically actuated control valve, point detectors, and Fire Detection and Alarm panel.

In case of fire, the smoke detector sends a signal to the fire alarm panel, which triggers the electrical actuator on the cylinder valve to discharge the media to suppress the fire. An optional GSM dialer enables a signal and alerts users by an SMS or voice call on their mobile phones in the event of a system actuation due to fire.

Grenoz® UL-approved clean agent is used as a fire suppressant in the system, which is environmentally safe, effective, and does not leave residue after the operation.

Below are some critical features and advantages of the Minimax FIRESPOT® Room Protection System:

⦁ Early detection and suppression without damaging critical equipment
⦁ UL Listed Clean agent with ZERO Ozone Depletion Potential
⦁ BMS integration is possible (Central Monitoring System)
⦁ Optional GSM dialer for SMS alert to users in the event of the activation
⦁ Low cost of installation and maintenance
⦁ Certified by the National Test House, Govt. of India testing lab
⦁ The system operates even during power outages with battery backup

Minimax FIRESPOT® Room Protection System is an ideal solution for compact electrical panel rooms, switchboard, artifact storage, record rooms, small server rooms, UPS and battery rooms, etc.

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