Fire Safety Aspect – Hospitality Sector

Understanding fire hazards and installing the proper fire safety equipment to limit the fire risks is an important aspect to keep hotels safe from fire. Whether you are managing a small restaurant, resort, or a large multi-story hotel complex, a critical aspect for customer satisfaction is not only service but also their safety.

What are the leading causes of fire hazards in the Hospitality Sector?

According to the statistical reports, Cooking equipment in the kitchen is the leading cause of hotel fires. Over half of all hotels and restaurant fires reported are originated from food preparation equipment and kitchen areas. Other causes of hotel fires include storage rooms, gas banks, heating equipment, clothes dryers, lighting equipment, and arson. With the widespread use of vegetable oils having lower auto-ignition temperatures, kitchen environments are more at the risk of fire than ever before.

Are you taking all the proper measures to keep your hotel safe from fire?

Concerned authorities shall ensure that proper fire safety equipment, detection, and suppression systems are installed to make sure staff, guests and its occupants are safe from fire hazards. Having the right equipment in place is the first step of any fire safety plan. To ensure maximum protection, against hotel fires is to install the proper fire safety equipment and systems. The fire safety equipment and systems once commissioned, shall be maintained, repaired, and replaced as per the desired schedules and guidelines. Hotel staff shall be properly trained and educated in fire safety protocols.

Kitchen hood fire suppression system: Many hotels feature restaurants and room service, requiring an onsite kitchen. The kitchen cooking area must feature a kitchen fire suppression system designed to automatically extinguish oil and grease fires. System design shall protect areas associated with ventilation equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums, and filters. The system shall be capable of automatic detection and actuation.

Sprinkler system: All hotel rooms, restaurants, and hallways should feature sprinklers to act as the first response to the fire emergency. Sprinklers can save lives and drastically reduce property damage in case of a fire situation.

Fire alarm system: Fire detection system ensures guests and staff knows about the fire emergency so they can evacuate immediately.

Fire extinguishers: Selecting the right extinguishers and installing them in easily accessible locations are vital for fire safety. A swift response to a small fire can often prevent the escalation to a devastating blaze. Trained staff with a reliable fire extinguisher suitable for the fire class can extinguish the fire at an initial stage before it becomes a real threat.

Emergency exit lighting: In case of power failure battery-powered emergency exit lighting can accomplish an organized, timely evacuation.

Fire prevention is about stopping a fire from happening in the first place. Everyone should be alert to anything that could cause a fire. Protect your customers, staff and it will take care of business continuity and reputation.

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