Fire Suppression System for Commercial and Industrial Kitchens


Is your restaurant, food prep facility, or commercial kitchen protected with a fire suppression system?

The kitchen is nothing short of a fire hazard with all of its flammable liquids, high temperatures, paper products, electrical equipment, and appliances at risk of overheating. In the event of a grease fire or a fire involving any flammable liquid, such as oil, alcohol, or animal fat, water cannot be used to put the fire out. Water will only spread the fire and make it worse. Electrical actuated fires is another common cause of fires in the hospitality sector, it is also cannot be extinguished by water as it would risk electrocution and can further spread it. Ultimately, the best methods of fighting commercial and restaurant kitchen fires are through uniquely designed kitchen fire suppression systems.

When it comes to protecting your commercial kitchen from fire damage, it’s important that you invest in a fire suppression system that provides fast response detection and suppression. A reliable system that prevents fire risks that can put the kitchen out of operation and damage property.

The instaproteKt Kitchen hood Fire Suppression System – Optima Series from Gunnebo India, is an ideal solution specifically designed to protect areas associated with kitchen ventilation equipment including hoods, ducts, plenums, and filters installed in industrial and commercial kitchens.

Linear Heat Sensing cable is the detection component of this fire suppression system, which sends a signal to the gas discharge panel when the temperature rises to a pre-defined level (180º C). After receiving the signal, the panel triggers the actuation of the solenoid valve for agent release. The nozzles of the fire suppression system are installed in the exhaust hood, positioned at an angle covering food preparation equipment, plenum, and duct. After system actuation, wet chemical discharged from the nozzles blankets burning surface to cut off the oxygen and cool down the combustible material i.e. cooking oil. The system extinguishes the fire with precision at the hood level without impacting the rest of the kitchen area, it means that other parts of the kitchen can remain operational immediately after clean-up, allowing the kitchen activities to carry on with minimal interference.

The system is capable of automatic detection and actuation as well as manual actuation. Additional integration accessories are available for electrical and gas line shut-off applications. This fast-acting, automatic system both shuts off the gas and electrical connections.
The system is suitable for installation in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, airports, and industrial kitchens.



⦁ Activation of solenoid and gas shutoff valve at 180° C
⦁ Both manual and electrical actuation options
⦁ SS 316 Piping, Fittings and Cylinder Enclosure
⦁ Discharge of wet chemical through spray nozzles
⦁ Saponification of wet chemical agent negates any reignition
⦁ High-pressure double compression ferrule fittings
⦁ Comes with Pre-Programmed Gas Release Panel
⦁ Easy and quick installation due to LHS cable and flexible piping with ferrule fittings
⦁ Pre-engineered system suitable for all commercial and industrial kitchens

Anything less than the above and you run the risk of having a kitchen fire suppression system that can’t keep your kitchen safe when the time comes, so make sure you choose a system that can perform efficiently 24/7. At Minimax, we’ve been helping organizations protect their homes and businesses since 1903. When it comes to protecting your commercial/industrial kitchen, our team of experts can make sure you get the solution you need to put fires out before they can cause crippling damage.

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