Minimax – The caring partner in fire safety

A well-maintained fire extinguisher saves lives and property. We provide you that first line of defense.

 Minimax was established as the 1st Indian fire extinguisher brand in 1903 with a manufacturing plant in Kolkata. Later in 1973 brand was transferred to Steelage which subsequently renamed Gunnebo India Ltd in 2005. The Minimax brand with its innovative products and solutions is the most trusted brand in the Indian fire safety market. Fire Extinguishers under Minimax brand is manufactured by Gunnebo India, at its factory in Halol, Gujarat since 2012, it is among the 8 factories of Gunnebo worldwide. The Gunnebo factory follows the highly efficient Gunnebo Operations System (GOS) which focuses on quality, delivery, cost, use of resources, health & safety, and securing employee commitment to drive continuous improvement and bring value to the customers. The factory complex also houses a fully equipped lab and Fire room to support the continuous development and ensure consistent quality.

With a vision to become the leading provider of a safer future, Gunnebo specializes in providing the highest quality products, services and support to meet the growing demands of the customers.

Minimax has been the partner of choice for many companies that are committed to creating a safe work environment. it is recognized as the most trusted brand for reliability by leading organizations across all sectors.

Minimax. We care.

For your safety. For your assets. For your business. For your success.

Choosing Minimax is choosing a high-quality partner with more than 100 years in the Indian market.

Our promise is to offer the best fire extinguishers in the market. And we always stick to our promise. Ask any of our long-term customers and you will get it confirmed.

Choosing Minimax gives you peace of mind and a trusted partner always being by your side.

What Makes Us the Pioneers?

Extensive knowledge and experience make us the pioneers in the fire industry. We believe in delivering the right product, on time and every time. Direct Presence in nearly every Indian state, PAN India dealer network for service and customer care support. We have installed more than one million fire extinguishers across the nation.

100+ Years

Minimax was established in the Indian market in 1903. Ever since, we have been caring about our customer’s safety, assets, businesses, and ultimately their success.

Today, Minimax is the brand of choice for the many and the option for those who really care about their business.


Long-term business relations are built around trust. In partnerships and in the delivery.

Being present in a market for over 100 years is the ultimate proof of trust in our delivery, and in Minimax as a partner.


Being a trusted provider of fire extinguishers is equivalent to be a caring partner.

With our nation-wide sales network, we care about your business safe in all its locations. We have done so for over 100 years, and we are here to stand by your side also in the future.

We have done so in the past 100 years, and we will continue to do so in the future. We care by providing the highest quality products available in the Indian market. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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