Water Mist Fire Extinguishers and Systems

A water mist fire extinguishers and systems are the best solution where ecological concerns and regulations about the disposal and environmental impact are the critical concerns, especially those where business continuity is vital.

Water mist as an effective extinguishing agent

Water mist fire extinguishers or systems discharge clean, deionized water through unique spray nozzles in microscopic particle spray that forms a mist curtain that is non-conductive and non-toxic. The water droplets are so tiny that they can cool and suffocate a fire without damaging the protected area and contents. The fine mist particles blanket the oxygen feeding the fire and also provide the cooling effect thereby extinguishing the fire.

Many applications that choose to use water mist are looking for an alternative to traditional fire suppression systems. Water mist systems use between 70% – 90% less water than a typical sprinkler system, they leave no residue and don’t cause water damage.

Working Principle

These extinguishers use clean, deionized water, which is non-toxic and non-conductive. Once activated, the water is discharged through a unique spray nozzle in small particles. The resulting water particles provide a cooling effect and displace oxygen sufficiently to extinguish a fire but not below a level where it is dangerous to occupants. Since these droplets are so tiny, they leave almost no trace, making water mist systems a safe choice for data centers, switchgear rooms, generator enclosures, museums, rare book libraries, and archival storage facilities.

Benefits of Water Mist Extinguishers and Systems

  • No residue and water damage
  • Less water consumption
  • Works on a wide variety of fires and applications
  • Non-toxic, non-conductive, and safe to use in occupied areas
  • Environmentally friendly


Suitability on Fire Hazards and Applications

Water mist systems or fire extinguishers are effective at fighting a wide variety of fires. It provides a clean, effective, and safe option to use on Class A, B, F, and electrically induced fires. The resulting water droplets are so small that, they leave almost no trace, making water mist extinguishers a safe option for electronic/electrical equipment, books, etc.

Water mist fire extinguishers and systems are a great solution for many applications such as,

• Hospitals / Clean Rooms
• Server / Electrical Room
• Data Centers
• Switchgear Rooms
• Generator Enclosures
• Museums, Historic Buildings, Archive Libraries

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